Mike Andrews Homeopathy

with a special interest in Autism

My London clinic is now closed, online and Llanidloes Powys consultations are available and I am still working for all of my clients.

Autism is the challenge of our times and bringing the benefits of homeopathy to help your child is my mission.

I offer a free 15 minute consultation by phone or Zoom

Using Skype is easy. If you’re not sure how to get started give me a call or send an email and we can talk things through.

With a special interest in Autism 


Over the last seven years I have researched deeply into Autism.


As a homeopath with over 28 years experience I bring my knowledge and expertise to help your child.


I am familiar with other treatments that you might be using so can discuss any biomedical, dietary or nutritional treatments that you have already tried.


Read about how Homeopathy can boost the effects of nutritional and dietary approaches below.


I will read medical reports that you send to me before our first meeting such as the Education, Health and Care Plan , the most recent Annual Review, ASD Support Plan or reports from the Child Development Clinic, depending on your country of residence.


As the author of Homeopathy & Autism Spectrum Disorder a guide for practitioners and families (Singing Dragon 2014) I bring my many years of experience as a homeopath to you alongside an in-depth understanding of ASD and the results that homeopathy is achieving worldwide.



What causes Autism?

Autism is probably caused by many factors, it occurs in both vaccinated and non-immunised children. 

Envionmental and medical toxins and interventions play a part.

Genetics is also a factor, homeopathy might I think  have an effect on gene expression.

What ever the cause Autism is on the increase worldwide, my research  into the clinical experience of homeopaths around the world explores the real clinical outcomes that are being achieved in practice by homeopaths like myself and with children in my practice.

Does homeopathy help Autism symptoms?

Homeopathy is in my experience an effective way to manage behaviour, improve physical health problems and enhance overall wellbeing for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
People bring the child or young person to me for a variety of reasons it maybe something specific: OCD, hay fever, sleep issues, aggressive behaviour, fears, constipation and other digestive issues, to improve educational attainment, to help with speech or general development and potential.
Some of my patients come 2-3 times; others come to me on a regular basis for a couple of year spreading appointments as needed. We can discuss this to make the most of the potential benefits of homeopathic treatment.
Once you are registered with my clinic not only can I help with the specific ASD symptoms, but also with any other health issues either pre-existing or as they arise.

Homeopathy enhances dietary gains

Boy aged 6 with an Autism diagnosis showing how homeopathy can further enhance the effect of nutritional and dietary approaches.
He had been on a Caesin / Gluten free diet with supplements for one year, which had helped with tantrums and moods, but had significant progress following homeopathic treatment.
First consultation: he was watching videos but needed assistance to change from one to another.
Second consultation: he was able to copy url’s from mum’s phone, learning to type.
Third consultation he was playing computer games!

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