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My team

I am receiving more requests for appointments than I can take on personally. 

I now have a team of four great homeopaths working with me – Anna, Charn, Indre and Rebecca. You can read about them all below.

I can refer you to one of my team if you wish. If you would like me to do this let me know and I will set up the referral link for you.

You can then have a free 15 minute chat with one of them.

Autism is the challenge of our times and bringing the benefits of homeopathy to help your child is my mission.

 Indre Benoriute DSH RSHom

Indre Bendoriute is classically trained homeopath. Who graduated from one of the best schools for homeopathic practitioners: The School of Homeopathy in Stroud. After graduation she took numerous courses and attended world wide training days to deepen her knowledge in the field of autism. For a few years after her graduation she worked along side some of the best homeopaths in the world to make sure she learns all the most effective methodology working with autistic children.

As a mother 3 children Indre always had a special interest in working with kids however since she had extensive additional training in the field of autism Indre now specialises in working with autistic children as well as helping to treat PANDAS and PANS or other sensory or neurological disorders.
She looks at every patient individually and integrates a range of methods to help the children with their development and enjoys seeing them blossoming to their true potential. She perceives every patient accurately and deeply, in order to match him with the most accurate homeopathic remedy. High amounts of the positive feedback and testimonials demonstrate Indres attention to detail and high quality of work.




Anna Anderson LCHE 

Anna has been working as a professional Homeopath for 14 years and has undergone specialist training in helping children with autism to recover their health and continues extensive research in using homeopathy in this field.
Her drive for finding ways to unravel the complex cases of autism, stems from being a mother herself and she feels passionate in sharing the best of her growing knowledge in homeopathic remedies and nutritional information with parents. She also offers hair mineral analysis testing to give a wider view of your child’s health, including the detection of any heavy metal toxicity.
Anna runs her clinic online only and offers consultation worldwide via Zoom.

Charn Badhan BSc LCHE RSHom

I’m Charn, a qualified homeopath who specialises in children’s health. Being a mum of three children and having my own son being diagnosed with ASD, GDD, PANS I know firsthand the distress and the challenges this can place on both your child and the whole family. For us homeopathy has saved us many times resulting in reduced anxieties, sensory triggers, and rages. Quite frankly I wouldn’t know where we would be without it!

In my practice I use a homeopathic approach that is individual to your child and I am committed to bringing about the best results that I know are achievable with homeopathy. I work with the theory of a homeopathic ‘toolbox’ using certain approaches as I see fit. If I see the need, I can also suggest complimentary therapies that may further support your child’s healing process.
I believe that no child and family should have to suffer and endure the challenges this illness can bring. I offer you my help both as an experienced homeopath and mother to champion you in your quest for a happier, healthier child.
Based in the UK, I offer appointments online worldwide.

Rebecca Dove-Thomas RSHom

Hello, I’m Rebecca Dove-Thomas, Registered Homeopath based in Shrewsbury, UK where I offer in person and online appointments worldwide.
I graduated as a Homeopath over 16 years ago, from The Welsh School of Homeopathy. Over the years I have completed a variety of post-graduate courses and am passionate about about continually learning and developing as a practitioner. I came to homeopathy through my own healing journey in the early 2000’s and knew that I had to train and share this with others.
I’m a parent of a young child myself and I have a real focus on children’s well-being in my practice, especially supporting children and young people with neural diversity, such as autism. I strongly encourage families to work in partnership with me and my support does not end with the appointment, as I provide support with acutes and navigating the process you are going through.
I understand from some personal experience and over the years of clinical practice, the pressure you are under and am there for you the parent & care giver too. I actively encourage families to work in partnership with me, making sure we find the right path for you and your child in the homeopathic process.
I also treat adults in my practice for general well-being and have a particular interest in working with past trauma.
If you feel you would like to explore working with me I offer a 30 minute free curiosity call. It is a chance to talk through your needs as a family, get to know me and how I and homeopathy can potentially help. Please contact Mike for details of booking in and I really look forward to hearing from you.

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