Reader’s comments

“Dear Mike, thank you very much for sending me the hay fever eBook so quickly. It’s excellent and I’m so glad to have all that information in one place, and so grateful that you have put it all together and made it available.”
Best wishes, Tricia Taylor (Homeopath Brighton UK)

“Have read your book and used the questionnaire. It was very useful. It is my plan to write a book review for the Danish Society’s (of Homeopaths) newsletter”
Charlotte Yde, Homeopath, Denmark

“Mike’s concise and easily readable book provides the key to unlocking Hayfever cases. The guide to selecting rubrics and remedies is excellent – it has saved me hours when analysing cases. Mike’s excellent book is concise, clear and full of useful tips and observations. Hayfever cases can be unlocked within minutes.”
Paula Webb, Homeopath”I happily downloaded and printed off a copy, and am now more than glad to have done so, as this is an extremely useful addition to the large tomes which clutter my desk…comprehensive without being too long to be useful”
Review: Homeopathy in Practice, Spring 2008

“Thanks for writing and sending the booklet – a helpful addition to the homeopathic literature! Thanks for sharing your good work!”
Pat Deacon, RSHom (UK &NA), HMC Canada”I have known Mike for many years and value him as a competent and experienced homeopath. Mike has contributed to our profession by publishing an ebook on Hayfever and Homeopathy useful for students and practitioners alike.”
Angie Metzger RSHom