Awakened from the time that he missed

It’s been only 6 months Mike has been working with my son who has was diagnosed with autism at 3 years of age, but it’s beyond words how thankful I am. Mike has been my son’s homeopath since April, 2017 and since that time great changes have happened in our life.

– Diagnosed with autism he was struggling almost with every part of his life.

– He was completely nonverbal;

– Suffer from nightmares and was waking up 4-6 times during night every night screaming and crying, and had difficulties to settle back; was able to sleep only next to me.

– Struggled with social communication, he was not interested to interact with other kids, and was very on his own, and communicated only with familiar adults;

– We struggled to leave our home. My son couldn’t tolerate being outside – city noise, cars, busy road and crowds was just too much, he face multiple meltdowns during the day and we must follow very strict routines and day plans, as any slightest change can just throw him out of balance.

– Lack of eye contact;

– Sensory issues;

– Fear being left or be away from mom, it was heartbreaking for me as mom to leave him when I have to go to work, as he just refuse to ate and sleep without me, and was extremely restless, cry a lot, anxious, and settled only when I came back.

– Lived like in a cocoon, loved to hide, wrap himself in blanket, or sit under the table, to be alone and play only on his own;

– No response to emotions, did not know how to act, how to respond.

– I was almost sure that my child is deaf or hard of hearing – he was ignorant, and did not respond to his name, he never sing along, never spoke, did not respond to sudden noises, etc.

– Did not like to be touched or cuddled – only in his terms, when he wants to and when he is in good mood.

– Being out from our home, for us mean meltdowns and anger outbursts, frustration, he was not able to cope with unfamiliar situations and inability to express himself.

As a homeopath, I found Mike very approachable and friendly, I feel that he was interested in our situation and to find best possible solution for my child problems. And also I feel that it’s very easy to speak with Mike about such delicate problems. He always listen me through and explain me why he choose particular remedies for my son.

Now, after 6 months in our life is so much difference. The changes are amazing.

– He has not suffered from nightmares ever since in his first appointment given remedy and sleep well through the night, wakes up happy and relaxed.

– Mike help him overcome his fears of sleeping on his own in his bedroom and sleep without mom, he is now much more flexible and able to cope with changes in day plans and enjoys trying new things and activities!

– He become significantly more sociable and interacts with adults and his peers and loves it, it’s no more ”one way” communication but he loves to be involved in activities and will communicate his needs using Makaton, PECS and now start to use some words and actively engage. He is interested in world around him.

– I first heard my son singing. I heard my son’s voice.

– He is able to manage his negative emotions without anger outbursts and gets well in moments where he still faces frustration, such as inability to fully express himself. But instead of giving up and throwing a tantrum, he tries! He looks in eyes and try’s to communicate in the way he can. He much more opened up.

-He turn into sweet, emphatic and affectionate little boy who is completely aware of world around him, who had his interests and character. He stopped to hide, stopped to cover himself with blankets and stopped avoiding physical contact.

– He seems like ”awaken” from time he missed;

– We are finally is able to leave or home. Almost no meltdowns. He loves being outside, and is excited about trips and outings and very positive about having new experiences.

Mike works on each problem step by step and since we start, we seen amazing results and I’m sure that we will achieve even more great results by continuing  in his practice.

When I first contacted Mike, I was completely desperate about problems we face. Nobody really didn’t believe that it can bring any changes in our lives, I been told that it’s just waste of our time, but we are proof that it is possible and it works. I’m very proud that I as a mom was strong enough to stand for it, I’m over the moon happy that we try and it bring such great results – nothing is better than to see how happy is your child.

I would like to encourage others parents to try homeopathy. And I definitely recommend Mike as Autism specialist.

L.L. Wolverhampton October 2017

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