Eczema on my hands stopped me from decorating cakes

Mrs Kelly came to see me with eczema on her hands. This upset her in many ways. One of things she could no longer do was carry on her small cake decorating business. It was too painful for her to make fondant flowers.

She says “Approximately six years ago I developed a skin condition affecting only my hands. The skin appeared to thin, causing splitting and bleeding with every movement. Various ointments, balms and preparations were used for a year without any improvement. I was referred to a hospital and the dermatologist tried further creams, coal tar dressings, lamp therapy with again no improvement. Dressing, washing and all household chores became almost impossible.
I was recommended to Mike Andrews who prescribed 3 [homeopathic] tablets, within 48 hours the healing process had started. The improvement was rapid and within two weeks my hands were back to normal. This has been maintained to the present day.”

As is so often the case not only did the individually selected remedy, prescribed on the basis of an in-depth consultation, help her hands, but also her anxiety, sleep and vertigo.

She was prescribed the homeopathic remedies Graphities and later Natrum muriaticum.


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