5 year old boy first seen 28th September 2017
Drinks bottle of milk at night still. He is either hyperactive or in a bubble. More in a bubble when out of house than at home. He is constipated, passes stool once weekly. Walks on tiptoes. Pica. He was eating household cleaning products, washing powder, soap, polish, sand, soil, deodorants, toothpaste, bleach spray and moisturising creams. He also liked chocolate and salt. He would climb on furniture. Not able to dress, wash, toilet or feed himself. Will not feed himself. Only responded to his name occasionally.Standard UK immunisations.
Mother described his birth as traumatic. Forceps, cord round his neck, meconium in fluids, oxygen levels dropping. She had flu jab in pregnancy and a steroid injection in her hips after which she felt unwell. She had a bleed four weeks before he was born. Mother has taken thyroxine for 20 years, no other notable family history. He was late to walk, at 16 months; but was developing normally otherwise.
I observed whist I was talking to the parents that the boy was playing with shiny metal knives and forks, crossing them over to make patterns. Placing them parallel to each other or crossed over. He liked to push pointed things behind his two upper front teeth. Later he was lying on his back on the carpet. He was running back and forth a lot.
He was not interested in watching anything on TV or ipad. He likes religious songs.
Not aggressive, but will bite when very happy or excited. It is his way of showing affection. Will scratch and dig his nails in.
Loves staring at running water at bath time or when mother is washing dishes. He likes to bite and put things in his mouth like wires, chews his clothes and tea towels. Biting on cushions calms him down.
He had severe chicken box aged 4, treated with IV antibiotics.
Mother studied Pharmacology at University. She feels ostracised by other parents when she makes comments about immunisations, is told to accept that her son has autism on forums.
Development was normal until 18 months old. I asked what happened then? Mother-in-law might have given a medication without mum’s consent. Don’t know what it was. He became very vacant after that, looked confused; he stopped responding to his name. He used to count up to ten, but stopped counting. His speech completely went.
Visiting mother in law was difficult. They did not like their son being with the child’s mother in a different country, they were his family not hers. A vulnerable situation, tried to protect herself as much as possible. Had to speak up for herself. They might have given medicine to ‘my son, without my consent’. She was not listened to.
My understanding of his case
There were many common autistic behaviours. Complex birth with history of medical interventions. I looked for what stood out as unusual:
• Situation with mother-in-law
• Fascination with metal cutlery
• Running water
• Pointed objects
• Pica
• Biting
• Religious music
• Food desire chocolate and salt

With my knowledge of homeopathic materia medica I chooses the homeopathic remedy Lyssinum for him.

Lyssinum as a homeopathic remedy
(Sankaran 1997) states that ‘The main feeling of Lyssinum is of having suffered wrong, being tormented, especially by one whom he has served, has been faithful to and is dependent on, thus creating an intense feeling of anger and rage, in which the person can bite, strike….
It is required in a situation where a person has to lash out against somebody because, if he keeps quiet, he will be further tormented’
This seems to encapsulate the situation in which the mother of the child was in staying with her in-laws, with the biting being expressed by the child.
Although the remedy Lyssinum is known for aversion to water, hydrophobia, it can also have the opposite polarity. There is a fascination or aversion to shining objects – the cutlery. They are affected by attacks and insults. The person needing this remedy can oversensitive to music.The desire for chocolate is strong.

Lyssinum was prescribed on the basis of the mother’s state being transmitted to the child, due to the close mother/child bond. The change in this case could not be clearly attributed to any other causative factor, such as immunisation, antibiotics or steroids. The child had got on the aeroplane with normal development and got off the plane three months later with autism after visiting his grandparents.
The soil may have been there from traumatic birth or medications weakening the system.

Follow up 4 weeks later
Was this going to be a successful prescription, or not? You can only tell if the remedy is the similimum by the results.
The child was paying attention more often; he understands so much more, switched on. Trying new foods. Tried a snack at school before he would not. Eating half of his lunchbox, before brought it home untouched. Fed himself once with a spoon, could not hold it properly before.
Massive improvement in concentration. Showing a cheeky side was only frustration before. He was cheeky as a baby, coming back out now. Happy in the morning, was grumpy before. Showing appropriate emotions what he likes and does not like. Not playing with cutlery so much. Showing a whole range of facial expressions, lot more open, communicative. Looks calmer, less upset. Trying to join in activities, picked up Play Dough before he would not even look at it.
Less staring at running water. No longer lying on his back on the carpet. Constipation less severe. Stopped chewing wires and tea towels.
December 2017
No longer eating washing powder, soil or sand. Started to watch TV, finding out what he likes. Covering ears form noise sensitivity less.
March 2018
Belladonna 30c and Tuberculinum 30c for acute illnesses – stomach upsets, fevers, asthmatic cough in winter
May 2018
Took him to the cinema for the first time, he really enjoyed it, did not even fidget – a great father/son moment. Eight months ago he had no interest in watching anything. Plays with his younger sister much more. Knows his colours. Much less chewing on things. Parents feel that he has made a lot of progress more communicative, affectionate, happier, and more alert. They think he is close to starting to use words.
July 2108
He is watching himself in the mirror and making noises. His voice has become clear; he said Baba, Mama, and LaLa. When asked to do something he will do it, both at home and when out. No longer chews anything, or eats strange things. He still plays with cutlery.
School Sports day he did all the races, sat on the bench. Last year he would not sit still, ran away, and there was no calming him. He looks at his peers and his sister, has clear facial expressions. Happy to wait in queues, never refuses to walk, last year had to use a pushchair. Now less walking on tip toes.

Of course there is still more to achieve, especially in terms of speech. I look forward to continuing to work with his family to achieve his full potential. There has been no indication to change remedy, although I may consider complementary homeopathic detoxifications.

Sankaran, R. (1997) The Soul of Remedies Homeopathic Medical Publishers Bombay
Scyroyens, F (2013) Synthesis 10.5 Treasure Edition Repertory Archibel Belgium

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