Boy aged 8

Had a meltdowns on a regular basis from intense gastrointestinal pain.

He would bite his hand and scream.

And pull his carers hand against his face.

The homeopathic remedy Belladonna had been tried previously.

As had painkillers.

In this case prescribing the homeopathic remedy Saccarum on a daily basis for a month  was the strategy needed.

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What a meltdown feels like

In this video people on the autism spectrum share what it feels like to experience a meltdown.

How similar is this to what you observe going on with your child?

Meltdowns often follow a pattern, talk to a homeopath about this so that a homeopathic remedy can be recommended to help.

What brings on the meltdown?

Are they pale or red in the face?

Are there any stereotypic movements or gestures accompanying the meltdown?

What is there mood like afterwards?

Are you already taking, or would you like advice, about supplements that could help to reduce inflammation and overload?