In early December a four year old boy who had been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, one year previously, came to my clinic. His speech was delayed and he never answered questions. As is common with many children on the Spectrum when speaking he says ‘You’ rather than ‘I’ when referring to himself.

He had 100 tantrums a day when he would throw and break things, bite, pinch and kick. As well as hitting his parents, he would hit his younger brother as well. He would not share anything with his brother, other children at nursery or even allow someone to share his seat on the bus.

As always during the one hour consultation I asked for a full family medical history and personal medical history. His maternal grandfather had been exposed to radiation leaks at Chernobyl power plant and also had had Tuberculosis. There was nothing else notable in the family medical history. He had had all of the usual immunisations and numerous courses of antibiotics. He is very active and on the move all the time.

I prescribed the homeopathic remedy Tuberculinum for him to take in a liquid form on a daily basis. This remedy is often helpful for children with extreme meltdowns. And is a remedy that I often prescribe for children on the Autism Spectrum. Additionally this boy had a family history of tuberculosis.

He returned for his first follow up appointment six weeks later. The changes were remarkable. The nursery who did not know that he was receiving treatment asked thee mother ‘What did you do with your child, he listens much more, his speech is improved.’ He had learned the names of the colours, was repeating small sentences and answering some questions.

There had been no meltdowns; there had been a 100 a day previously! He was not biting anyone and he was not even hitting his brother. His mother reported that ‘he was listening to instructions; watching less TV and playing more. Within the first week he was calmer and sleeping better.’

I increased the potency of the remedy to LM2 and carried on with the Tuberculinum. Great progress had been made; however he still did not like sharing and by the end of the consultation was running around the room stabbing the chairs with felt tip pens.

Six weeks later I saw him again. Again great changes had taken place. He was able to communicate with his mother what he did at nursery. [This is such a significant step, when language becomes more two way. Another mother was so relieved when her 8 year old boy was able to talk about his day at school as she was always worried that if something happened to him he would not be able to tell her.]

He was less overactive and listening to instructions. He was longer hurting his parents and was even hitting his brother less hard. He was eating a wider range of foods. His mother had been able to cut his toe nails for the first time. ‘He is no longer very sensitive to his feet, lots of parents struggle with cutting nails and this change is amazing.’ says his mother.

She mentioned something new which she had not mentioned before. He has always had a fear of heights, not even liking to be on dad’s shoulders. As such great progress was still being made I continued with the same remedy in the next potency, LM3.

Three and a half weeks later I spoke with the child’s mother on Skype. He is longer wetting the bed during sleep, he wakes up to urinate. He is much calmer in the evening, no longer jumping and shouting. He is now using the 1st person pronoun rather than speaking in the 3rd person, says ‘I’ rather than ‘you’. He is playing with his younger brother. He ate mixed food on a plate, before everything had to be separate. He is now sharing toys and cookies with his younger brother, without being asked to.

This has been a delightful case and profound changes have taken place over the last four months, what other therapy for Autism Spectrum Disorder could achieve so much in such a short time.

Many children that I treat need a more complicated treatment plan. As yet there has been no block to progress and I have not needed to detox vaccines. I have introduced Vitamin C, Zinc and Epsom salt baths to help his body to detox and have sent off a hair sample for Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to check for specific mineral imbalances and any potential heavy metal toxicity.

Just this week, as his healing continue to progress, he has been coming to his mother hugging her and saying ‘love you mummy’.

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