So your interested in Practitioner Supervision ?

Supervision has been defined as ‘an intensive, interpersonally focused, one-to-one relationship in which one person…facilitates the development of therapeutic competence in the other person’ Hawkins and Shohet (1989) Supervision in the Helping Professions (p41)

Supervision can help you by:

• providing a regular space for the supervise to reflect upon the content and process of their work

• developing  understanding and skills within the work

• receiving  information and another perspective concerning one’s work

• receiving both content and process feedback

• being  validated and supported both as a person and as a worker

• ensuring that as a person and as a worker one is not left to carry, unnecessarily, difficulties, problems and projections alone

• having space to explore and express personal distress, restimulation, transference or counter-transference that may be brought up by the work

• planing and utilise their personal and professional resources better

• being pro-active rather than re-active

• ensuring quality of work
Hawkins & Shohet (1999) Supervision in the Helping Professions, OUP

‘of all my supervisers you were the most supportive, you gave sensitive but accurate feedback; your ego wasn’t getting in the way.’ Anna

Free 15 minute informal getting to know you by phone or Skype

‘Many thanks for your prompt reply to my queries. There are all sorts of little details not covered by the college and it is reassuring to know that that I can turn to you for advice if needed.’ Margie, recent graduate.

‘I found Mike to be a supportive and encouraging supervisor. For me you were able to fulfil two important criteria. You were easily contactable and you took the time and effort to to discuss the cases either personally or by phone. There was no delay in providing feedback, and your comments were always detailed and informative.’ Teresa

“I have known Mike for many years and value him as a competent and experienced homeopath. Mike and I shared some 6 years working together as part of a team on the BSc(Hons) Integrated Health; Homoeopathy course at the University of Westminster where Mike was a much respected clinical tutor and supervisor. Over the years he has supervised many students and practitioners and is now a renowned independent supervisor.
Angie Metzger

‘…my experience of supervision in the area of homoeopathy is varied, the supervision you offered me was the best, you had thought about your role and seemed to have aims for the session. One of the other homoeopaths that offered to supervise my cases seemed to have her own agenda, which seemed to be to make me to believe that her way was the only way to prescribe and the other supervisor seemed so ‘nice’ I felt I could have done anything and she would have agreed.

What I would have appreciated from all my supervisors:
• Emotional support, put at my ease, made to feel ‘safe’
• A one-one before my case taking to get to know supervisor
• Clearly laid out boundaries, money, time, phone in time of supervisor
• Honest, sensitive feedback on interview technique, case analysis or anything I had missed.
• Help with case if stuck and a feeling that the patient is the most important person.
• New ways of looking at a case if this would help in analysis.
Mike I felt you offered me all of these things and the feeling during your supervision of my three cases was that the patient was the most important focus, and my development as a homoeopath was the only other focus I was aware of. You asked challenging questions. With a patient where I could not get the right remedy, it’s not surprising as I hadn’t studied it and the materia medica is sketchy, but you asked me questions that helped me remember the remedy, you pointed me in the right direction, rather than handing it to me on a plate.
It is very important to offer well thought out supervision, training in supervision is something I specialise in with my work in the National Childbirth Trust.’ Anna

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